Here are the must have topics you can receive coaching on. If you don’t see a topic that you’d like send a request to or setup a free consultation to discuss your needs here

  1. Setting up your account: Understanding different account types. Day trade accounts vs retirement accounts. Using margin.
  2. Getting familiar with the trading software (varies by broker).
  3. Different security types and investment instruments:
    1. Stocks
    2. Options
    3. Futures
    4. ETFs
    5. Commodities
    6. Crypto currency
  4. Advanced options trading: Understand how selling options can improve your cost basis and reduce risk.
  5. Basic Asset correlation: Understand how various asset classes react to other asset classes.
  6. Beginners charting and technical analysis 
  7. Advanced charting and technical analysis (require beginners charting course or level of understanding).
  8. Market internals: Understand the three keys to tracking participation in the market.
  9. Market data: What key economic reports should investors be watching.
  10. Current Market Environment: Up-to-date analysis and research to help you understand the fundamental macro outlook and overlapping it with a technical perspective.

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