Mentorship Program

The learning curve to becoming a successful investor or trader is long and steep. This mentorship program offers a fast track to help you understand the pitfalls and challenges all traders face. The coaching services include personalized thirty minute sessions designed around your goals and needs. Sessions will be held online in a communications platform such as Skype. In person sessions are available upon request. You will be in close contact with coach Jeff through your journey and continual communications through email and text can be expected. Before your coaching begins you and Jeff will undergo a free assessment to design a mentorship program tailored for you. Additionally, this mentorship program will teach you Jeff’s approach to personal finance, investing and trading through tools offered by most US brokerages as well as research and data points that will help you understand market sentiment and tone. All experience levels from beginner to advanced will benefit from this mentorship program which is designed for educational purposes only. No specific recommendations to buy or sell are part of this mentorship program. See disclaimer

Topic include:

  1. Setting up your account: Understanding different account types.
  2. Getting familiar with the trading software: (varies by broker).
  3. Different security types and investment instruments:
    1. Stocks
    2. Options
    3. Futures
    4. ETFs
    5. Indexes
    6. Commodities
    7. Bitcoin
  4. Advanced options trading
  5. Basic Asset correlation
  6. Beginners charting and technical analysis 
  7. Advanced charting and technical analysis
  8. Market internals
  9. Market data
  10. Current Market Environment